Driving at Night

5 Perils of Driving at Night that Your Driving School You Warn You About

Driving at night is different – it always has been. Thus, if you are a master at the wheels during the day that does not imply that you will be the same, when you drive at night. Experienced driving instructors from a reputed driving school in and around Melbourne know that and that is the reason, they always put emphasis on certain top dangers of driving at night and caution the trainees on that. They also help develop night driving skills to get the better of those dangers.

Compromised Night Vision

As night falls, roads become less safe, more so for the older drivers and those driving in glasses. Night vision is a special capacity that gives us the power to see properly even in low light conditions. However, things are a bit different for the older ones, for with age, the ability to see properly at night diminishes. The experts in any reputed driving school in Oxley or elsewhere in Brisbane will suggest going to an eye specialist without any delay in such situations.

The same stands for those who develop short or long sightedness regardless of their age. These individuals should get appropriate glasses immediately to get rid of the difficulty.


This is another extremely important point that the driving instructors in Brisbane caution the trainees about, while giving lessons on driving at night. Several factors can result in fatigue at the wheels. They may include inadequate sleep, stress, irregular sleeping patterns, side effects of medication, and the likes. Hectic lifestyle and lack of scope to relax will cause fatigue. Thus, reputed driving instructors in Oxley generally suggest sleeping for least 6 to 7 hours to avoid fatigue. Also, adequate consumption of water is a must, as dehydration is one of the principle reasons behind fatigue.

Rush Hour

This is another danger of driving at night. Rush hour during the night is more dangerous than the same during the day. The reason being, the glare of the head lights, the dippers and the fog lights (during winters) cause a glare that blind the individuals at the wheels, thereby increasing the chance of mishaps.

Thus, the mentors in a reputed driving school in Sinnamon Park or elsewhere put emphasis on sticking to the rules of driving at night, which include not speeding, keeping safe distance, proper use of lights, not overtaking and so on.

Unclean Windscreen

An unclean windscreen might not make that difference during the day, but at night it is a different story altogether. An unclean windscreen will cause needless extra refraction and glare, which will result in misjudgment of distance, inviting trouble. Thus, driving instructors in Sinnamon Park always suggest keeping the windscreen sparkling clean.

Driving in Wrong Lenses

Driving in reading glasses during night is a blunder. This will give the drivers no extra privilege, except some unnecessary blinding glares that will make driving really difficult and risky.

Therefore, when it comes to driving at night, people at wheels must avert these dangers and a quality driving school like Start-Smart Driving School will always guide its trainees with lessons to avert these dangers.