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6 Defensive Driving Principles to Stay Safe Behind Wheels

Driving is not an easy undertake as it requires skills, expertise and years of practice. Whether you are a new driver or experienced professional, defensive driving skills are a must to avert potential road hazards and stay safe behind the wheels. Even the most experienced driver end up with collisions and road crashes due to lack of safe driving habits. If you have recently completed your driving lessons and yet to master the art of defensive driving, here are top 6 rules to keep in mind while hitting the road.

Driving School Belmont
Driving School Belmont

Avoid Distractions While Driving

According to latest statistics, 80% road fatal occurs due to unmindful driving. Driving requires focus and constant attention to on-road hazards as a slight mistake can put your life at stake. Speaking over phone, watching live updates of news, not being aware of other driver’s actions can distract your vision and fetch high risk of life-threatening collisions.

Be Watchful of Traffic Signs

Trainers of reputed driving school in Belmont always recommend being watchful of traffic signs to ensure you don’t navigate the wrong way or put pedestrians life at risk. Slow down at intersections and pay attention to road signs to avoid severe road fatals. Mind a gap from cars ahead of you so that even if a driver applies a sudden brake at a stop sign, you can still control speed and handle your car effectively.

Look Ahead of Road to Identify Potholes

Staying aware behind wheels is key to safe driving and the most important thing you need to do is look ahead of road conditions to identify major road hazards such as potholes. Looking ahead of road can help you analyse potential hazards and give you sufficient response time for anything that may come along your way.

Adjust Your Mirrors Before Driving

The front and side mirrors play a crucial role in making you aware of the surrounding traffic and other driver’s actions. You should keep your eyes moving and be watchful of fellow drivers. Mostly for beginners who have recently completed driving lessons in Belmont, developing this practice is a must to stay safe behind wheels.

Over speeding is a Big NO

Teen drivers who have recently secured driving license feel adrenalin rush while driving and out of sheer excitement, they tend to violet the speed limits. As per latest studies and research, 60% of road accidents happen due to over speeding and fetches devastating outcomes both for the vehicle as well as the life of the driver.

Sleep Sufficient Before Early Morning or Late Night Drive

Drowsiness during driving can pose severe threats and maximise the potential for collisions and dangerous accidents. Early morning or late-night driving requires sufficient amount of sleep and high level of concentration. Drowsiness can impair your vision to analyse road hazards that may lie ahead and predict other driver’s actions and eventually result in drifting out of lane, crashes and faulty brakes.

Driving Lessons Belmont
Driving Lessons Belmont

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