Are Behind the Wheels

Follow These Tips to Stay Focussed While You Are Behind the Wheels

When you are behind the wheels, you need to stay fully focussed to avert accidents. Now, there are several ways in which you can increase your focus but we will discuss with you some tried and tested ways that are taught by the best driving instructors in Oxley to their students.
So, let’s take a look.

1) Distraction-Free Driving

The major cause of distraction is smartphones. So, the instructors who provide comprehensive driving lessons in Oxley always suggest their students keep their phones off, or to avoid calls and with it, texting is strictly a no-no.

However, if you want to take that phone call, park your car at a safe spot first as this is the best way to stay safe when you are behind the wheels.

2) Plan Your Journey Before You Leave

Do you know the best route to reach your destination? Because if you are a learner and don’t know the best route, you might quickly lose your way and coming back on the right road can become difficult and if you can’t manoeuvre your car properly, you can face with an accident.

So, experts suggest that you plan your route before leaving as staying on the right track is always safe and can help you to focus.

3) Wear Your Seatbelt

Though this is not directly associated with increasing your focus, you should definitely wear your seatbelt before starting to drive because if you lose focus ever and meet with an accident; at least it might save you from critical injuries.

4) Keep Minimal Passengers

Driving is cool and showing it your friends and family is even cooler.

But expert instructors in our driving school in Oxley suggest that when you are starting out or have just finished your driving lessons, try to include minimal passengers because it more passengers mean more distractions and our aim is to keep distractions at the minimum level.

5) Keep an Eye On the Mirrors

Keeping an eye on the rear-view and side mirrors while you are behind the wheels is a necessity. But, sometimes actively checking the mirrors can not only increase your focus but also enhance your driving skills because the mirrors are helping you to keep track of the cars that are on your behind and on the sides.

6) Keep the Music Player Off if Needed

Great music is a mood enhancer during the drive. But it can also be a distraction when you are just starting out on the road.

So, our driving instructors in Oxley suggest that you keep the audio player or the radios off if you think that it’s causing distraction when you are driving.
Feeling Drowsy? Coffee Can Help!

7) And so can tea!

Both these drinks contain caffeine, a natural stimulant that can help with drowsiness. So, have a cup to dispel the drowsiness so that you can be more focussed during driving.

To conclude, we will say that these were a few suggestions that you should start following now to enhance your focus and stay safe on the road while driving.

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