Traffic Signals

How to Determine Traffic Signals When You Are Behind the Wheels?

Whenever you are driving, you will need to follow the traffic signal. Otherwise, you will be penalised. But most importantly, you can meet with accidents. So, the instructors of the driving schools always teach different ways of determining traffic signals to their students. Here, we will give you an overview of how this is taught in the lessons by the instructors in Middle Park.

Traffic Light
Traffic Light

1) Slow Down Whenever You See A Signal Nearby

Even when there is less traffic and the signal is green already, you don’t know whether it will change to red. So, the instructors from acclaimed driving schools in Middle Park always direct their students to slow down whenever they see a green signal that is right ahead.

Slowing down near the signal helps you to stop your car without experiencing a jolt if it turns red. Also, when you are driving slowly, you already achieve better manoeuvrability.

2) Maintain Your Speed

In a busy road that is highly trafficked, you will need to maintain your speed if you want to get through a signal smoothly.
Though you will not get space to accelerate, still make sure you do not rush whenever the signal is green because you might bump onto the car at your front.

3) Turn On Your Car’s Wipers When It’s Raining

Rain can drastically reduce your visibility. So, whenever it is raining, you should turn on the wipers of your car so that you can determine the signal at the intersection or any other place. Moreover, whenever it is raining, you should drive slowly to safely drive past the signal and avoid accidents.

4) Don’t Accelerate at Full Speed When the Signal is Green

This is an important topic that the instructors teach in the driving lessons in Middle Park so that you can determine the signal and can avoid an accident.

When the signal is green, you might feel the necessity to accelerate and get past it. But you might be forgetting that other drivers will want to do the same as well. So, this can quickly become dangerous driving for you as well as the other drivers. Therefore, even when the signal is green, you should slow down. At the same time, when you are stuck at a signal and it becomes green suddenly, don’t accelerate at the fullest as you can get in the same dangerous situation.

5) Look for Specific Road Signs

Though road signs do not generally indicate that a traffic signal is nearby, you can look for other signs such as schools, hospitals, etc. because signal poles are placed in front of these buildings to prevent accidents. Therefore, you should always slow down whenever you notice any of these buildings.

6) Look For The Indicators Behind Vehicles

All driving instructors in Middle Park direct their students to look for the indicators at the back of the cars running in front.
Generally, if you notice some cars standing still from a distance or the car in front of you that comes to a halt with the red lights turned on at its back and there are more cars in front of it, chances are that there is a traffic signal nearby. So, you should be careful and reduce your vehicle’s speed.

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