Failing Water Pump

Signs of a Failing Water Pump as Explained by Your Driving School

Reputed driving schools not only conduct driving and associated lessons and traffic rules and regulations, but they also educate their trainees about the most important spare parts of a vehicle, the functionalities thereof, and the ways to maintain them. They would also educate you about the signs and symptoms that they return, once they fail. Here on this page, let us discuss 5 most common symptoms that a failing water pump of your car will show up.

Leaking Coolant

One of the earliest signs of a potentially defective water pump of your car is a puddle of coolant on the ground where you keep your car parked. Water pumps in cars are made up of multiple seals and gaskets that may dry out, break or crack with use. As a result of this, the coolant starts leaking from the car, forming puddles of green, blue, orange or pink liquid on the ground, whenever the car is stationary for a while. Instructors of your local driving school in Belmont will advise you not to ignore the sign and summon a technician immediately.

Buildup of rust or deposit on the pump

As and when the water pump develops a crack or two because of constant usage, it will result in formation of gunk or rust on the pump itself, which is by no means, a healthy development. Now this can be formed due to the use of non-compatible coolant or a faulty pressure cap, which will allow entry of air into the mechanical system of the car. This will make the water pump much less efficient, thereby affecting the functionality of the mechanical structure. The mentors of any quality driving school would suggest summoning experts, before things snowball into a more disastrous issue.

Strange noise

When you start the engine, your car starts generating a strange whining noise, which stays for long, before fading out. Now this high pitched noise can be caused by two things – either a loose accessory or failed pump. That is why, your driving school near Belmont and elsewhere will suggest not to delay, but to take the car to a reputable repair shop immediately. If the techies do not find any loose accessory but the car still emits that strange, it is for sure, something that is related to the water pump. The experts will tell you to have the water pump replaced or repaired immediately to stop the issue from aggravating further.

Overheating of the car

If and when the temperature of your car keeps on increasing while you are driving, that’s a red flag for sure. This is a clear indication that the red flag of your car has failed. Now continuing to drive with a failed water pump and letting the temperature rise at will is a disaster. That is a potent risk for not only your vehicle and your passengers.

Steam billowing from the hood

This generally happens in old cars, more so when you find smoke billowing from under the hood of the car. This means the water pump has failed and is no longer able to move the coolant through the engine, causing it to overheat.

So you see, all these are the telltale signs of a failing water pump that your driving school will tell you to take care of, immediately. Those are the lessons and many more such important tips that you get from quality driving schools like us. Call Start-Smart Driving School at 0418 386 090.