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Tips to Help You Drive Safely When It’s Raining Heavily

Driving in inclement weather always involves risks and today we will focus on a few tips to help you drive safely when it’s raining heavily. This blog will help you if you have just completed your driving training in Middle Park or you are planning to learn driving. So, go through this blog to see what you need to follow.

1) Check the Tyres of Your Car

The teachers at the best driving schools near Middle Park suggest that you check the tyres of your car before you begin driving in the rain as they can skid when the road becomes slippery. Along with this, you will also need to check the other components in your cars such as windshield, headlights and tail lights.

2) Drive Slowly

Though there is nothing special about this suggestion, yet it always remains an important piece of advice from all instructors because when it is raining, your visibility is reduced and if you drive at a faster speed, you might collide with another car. Additionally, when it’s raining, your car can skid and this becomes more intense when you drive at a higher speed. So, the best solution is to drive slowly when it’s raining to stay safe.

3) Turn the Headlights On if You Cannot See What’s Ahead

During heavy rainfall, you might not see what’s ahead and in this situation, you should always turn the headlight on. Moreover, our driving instructor in Middle Park suggests that you turn to high beams as they can help you see better when it’s raining.

4) Using Windshield Wipers are a Must

To attain proper visibility when raining, you need to turn on the windshield wipers. Additionally, if you notice residue of moisture on the windshield glass, you need to turn on the air conditioning system of your car as this will drain the moisture.

5) Maintain a Safe Distance with the Car Ahead of You

To avoid collisions with the car ahead of you, maintaining a safe distance is necessary. So, you will need to turn on your headlights when it is raining heavily to see if there are any cars and if there is, slow down to keep a minimum distance.

6) Avoid Driving in Waterlogged Areas

Heavy raining can cause waterlogging and if this is the case, try to avoid the waterlogged areas because this can cause hydroplaning, suggests the instructors at our driving school in Middle Park.

Hydroplaning is skidding of the car that is exclusively caused by waterlogging and to get out of this constant skidding, you will need to control your car to avoid accidents. So, it’s better to drive in areas where there is no waterlogging.

7) Avoid Driving if You are mot Confident

If you are not confident, it’s better to avoid driving in the rain unless the weather improves. This will help you to stay safe and you can improve your driving skills by practising.

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