Transmission Malfunction Signs

Transmission Malfunction Signs that Your Driving School Will Teach You

There is always an added advantage of enrolling in a reputed driving school. It will not only teach you the technicalities of driving but a wide range of issues that are directly or indirectly associated with driving. And, they will also teach you about the mechanical anatomy of the vehicles along with the warning signs of different types of malfunctions.

Here on this page, let us discuss the signs of a malfunctioning transmission that your local driving school in Middle Park or elsewhere will make you aware of.

You Find Switching Gears Difficult:

You will find at times you have to struggle to switch gears. This is one of the earliest signs of transmission malfunction and happens due to a low level of transmission fluid or the presence of low quality or wrong type of transmission fluid.

You Get a Burning Smell:

At times, your vehicle will emit a burning smell. When that happens, it is a clear-cut indication that the transmission system of your car is overheating or the transmission fluid is old and has degraded. You need to consult a technician immediately. The instructor of your driving school will suggest you not delay as it can lead to a major fire in your car.

You Will Hear Neutral Noises:

At times, you will hear weird noises coming from your car when it is in neutral. It is a sure shot sign of a transmission malfunction and is an indicator of component wear and tear and a low level of transmission fuel.

Slipping Gears:

It is probably the scariest sign of transmission malfunction that you can encounter. While driving, you will feel impulsive slip in and out of your gear and when that happens you need to immediately rush to a mechanic as this will invariably lead to a fatal mishap, if not addressed immediately.

Dragging Clutch:

This is another telltale sign of transmission malfunction, wherein the clutch fails to disengage its disk from the flywheel, even when you press on the clutch pedal.

Leaking Transmission Fluid:

When your vehicle leaks transmission fluid, it is a plain and simple case of a malfunctioning transmission system. In fact, it is the easiest sign of detecting a malfunctioning transmission system.

Grinding or Shaking Car:

This is another very common sign of transmission issue, wherein you will find your car grinding and shaking abnormally whenever you drive, more so, when you speed up. In fact, your mentor imparting driving lessons in Middle Park will tell you that it is one of the most obvious signs of transmission malfunction.

You Get a Humming Sound:

When you get humming, dunking, or whining noises from the car engine, they are not very healthy noises. It means, your transmission is giving way, and it’s time to get your car to a mechanic.

Unresponsive Gear:

When you find that your gear has turned fully unresponsive, no matter how hard you try to change it, that means the transmission system of your car has given in.

Thus you see, when you enroll in a quality driving school like Start-Smart Driving School it will give you all these and many other ancillary lessons about the mechanical aspects of your car. Call us at 0418386090 for further details.