Driving Test Manoeuvres

What Are the Driving Test Manoeuvres You Must Know?

For the new learners, the fear and phobias of learning how to drive a vehicle come with them. While some of them are scared of meeting an accident while learning the driving skills, others think that they will fail to clear the driving test. Due to this, many people want to learn to drive a car but they lose interest in doing so. If you are also planning to learn how to drive a four-wheeler and want to pass the test with playing colours then the best thing you can do is enrol in a reputed driving school in Waurn Ponds.

When people talk about driving lessons and skills, they are just focusing on how one can reach their destination safely. But it has been seen that sometimes even the most experienced drivers struggle with the driving manoeuvres. Whether you have just started learning how to drive a car or planning to book for the test, it’s crucial for you to know about driving test manoeuvres. The reason for doing so is that the examiner may ask you to perform any one manoeuvre or all of them. And if you fail in doing so then you won’t be able to clear your test. So it becomes important for you to get your driving lessons in Waurn Ponds from professional and experienced instructors.

The Driving Test Manoeuvres


  • Bay Parking

This is a highly important manoeuvre that you will have to use every time you are behind the wheels. The bay parking is divided into two manoeuvres, the reverse and forward bay parking. What is important for you is to learn how you can easily demonstrate these two manoeuvres at the request of the driving examiner.

  • Reverse Bay Parking

Reverse or parallel parking is one of the most difficult manoeuvres and needs a lot of effort to learn. Correct positioning of the steering wheels, reversing the vehicle back smartly, and checking the mirrors and blind spots are some of the skills that you need to learn. You should read the tutorials carefully and listen to the instructions of a reputed driving school in Waurn Ponds. This will help you to avoid making any kind of mistake.

  • Forward Bay Parking

It is always a smart idea to start by choosing a forward bay parking because it is easy. Give yourself some space, move towards the left and take as much time as you want to prepare. Don’t forget to adjust your mirror and check the blind spots while turning the vehicle. This will help you to be safe and ensure that the other drivers and pedestrians are not getting disturbed. After turning once your automobile is in the correct position, drive slowly until you are in the bay. Stop the car and easily apply the handbrake.

  • Others

The other kinds of driving test manoeuvres about which you must know are pulling up on the right, straight reverse, emergency stop, reverse around a corner, etc.

Thus if you want to pass your driving test then you need to enrol in the reputed driving school for the best driving lessons in Waurn Ponds. Over there you will learn the different kinds of driving skills, things that you need to do during an emergency and much more.

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