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Why Taking Manual Driving Lessons is Always a Better Idea Than Taking Automatic Lessons

Automatic cars may be a favourite among a vast majority of people who seek interest in driving. On the contrary experts suggest that beginners should pursue manual driving lessons which give them a complete know how on the manoeuvrability of the vehicle. Besides, there is no denying the fact that manual driving is a saviour, given a situation when driving a manual transmission car is the only choice a driver will be left with. Lessons remain incomplete if a beginner chooses to opt out of challenges involving manual transmission. The blog here focuses mainly on some of the key benefits of driving a car on manual transmission.

Why You Should Learn on a Manual Car

A vast majority of reliable Driving Schools in Belmont like Start Smart will encourage you towards seeking lessons on a manually transmitted car chiefly because of the reasons stated below:

Avoiding Dangerous Habits

If you want to learn driving, make sure your lessons are complete. At least experts suggest that beginners should take lessons on manual vehicles rather than automatic versions. Although the manual car may initially seem hard to lay hands on, but in the long run if you want to avoid dangerous habits leading to irrecoverable losses, such traditional transmission will offer you the best of driving experience. Believe it or not! Your control over speed, the optimum way to press and release the clutch and your approach to using parking gears are significant factors determining the lifespan of your car.

A good driving instructor will tell you about the best practices of driving a manual car. Additionally they will help you learn and get used to certain sounds which indicate when and how you must change gears or ease your foot off the accelerator. Understanding your manual car and how it responds to each action is vital for enjoying extended life of a vehicle.

Manual Transmission is Common Overseas

Although you may be located in Belmont where automatic transmission is common, but if there happens to be a chance when you are asked to move abroad, you are most likely to face the brunt of not knowing how to drive a manual car. Australians in most cases prefer automatic transmission, as for people living in Europe manual cars are a widely chosen option. Hence, once you get a hang of it, there will be no looking back. Navigating through foreign lands won’t seem like a major problem. You will be relieved from facing potential barriers.

Enhance Your Confidence Level

Driving is an experience, a passion among many. Wanting to take the roads and actually having your hands on the steering wheels are two different things. For the latter, you will need oodles of confidence. Today’s Driving Lessons offered in Belmont will teach you how accurately you must drive a car irrespective of the traffic or route. From pressing the clutch and releasing it just on time, changing gears soundly- all these are essential parts of a driving lesson which a beginner should know how to hone up. While initially these may seem challenging but once you get a hang of it and learn to keep your focus on the road, you will simply feel the satisfaction of seeking control over a complicated manoeuvrability.

According to Start-Smart Driving School, if you want to gain better control over your car, a manual transmission is all that you must look for. These vehicles are appropriate for dense traffic where frequencies of gear changing become higher. With a manual car you know when and where to increase or decrease your speed. For more details, you can call us. We are just a dial and a click away from you.