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Corinda Driving School -The Ultimate name in Driving Excellence

If you are looking for a quality driving school in Corinda that will be able to meet your aspirations of being a qualified and dependable person at the wheel, your search ends at START-SMART DRIVING SCHOOL. Indeed with over 12 years of experience, we come up as one of the best in the business and that can be attributed to the quality of training provided by our driving instructor.
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Indeed every instructor that we are home to, are not only accredited but are also qualified enough to provide consolidated, customised training that will help the trainees get familiar with the technicalities of driving and other associated issues rather quickly and properly. They are cordial, patient, friendly, and extremely sincere in resolving your queries and easing out your pain areas, making you feel at ease while the training is being conducted. Thus, when you put money on us, our training modules and the method of imparting training will help you learn the technicalities quickly and at ease. This is one of the reasons why we always maintain such a high rate in terms of trainees cracking the test at the first attempt.
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Our training curriculums- what makes them perfect?

If our trainers, their professionalism, and the method of training are one side of our face of success as a driving school, the other is the structure of our training modules. Our training curriculums are the perfect blend of practical and classroom sessions that would make the trainees not only theoretically strong but familiar with the latest traffic rules & regulations as well as the real-life situations and conditions that are faced during driving. All these help the trainees to gain in confidence, thus making them prepared mentally as well as technically, to crack the driving test at one attempt.
The curriculums vary in terms of duration and content, though they are all in-depth training modules that are never found wanting in terms of quality. The costs vary though they are never high. Refer to the PACKAGES tab on our website to find the details. They are flexible enough so that you will be able to avail of any one of them as per your choice and schedule. No matter whatever course you opt for, you get comprehensive training on driving as well as the prevailing traffic rules and regulations so that you can never be held in charge of flouting them due to lack of knowledge.

Our training cars and your safety issues

When you are in our custody during the training, your safety and security is our responsibility. Hence, our driving vehicles are not only impeccably maintained to ensure they are in top conditions, but every safety measure is taken into account during the training so that your safety and security is never at stake.
So you see, all these add value to our service, making our driving lessons in Corinda so much adored and sought-after. For further details CONTACT US now. Talk to our experts to know how we make the difference.
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Driving Course for Everyone
Being one of the competent driving schools in Corinda, we fit the need of every learner with the following courses-
Beginner Package
Our 50 minutes beginner lesson teaches students to maneuver cars in typical road situations. The leaners will even get test-ready courses.
Single lesson
We have prepared this 50 minutes course for drivers to familiarise them with the road rules and practical environment.
Double Lesson
100-minute driving school to sharpen your driving skills.
Drive Test
Test packages offer you a one hour drive to settle you into the drivers seat, followed by your test in either a manual or automatic vehicle.
Our goal is to provide low-risk driving education to all our students whilst learning to drive on our busy roads. Our enthusiastic and passionate trainers will help to build their confidence and teach them to be proficient drivers.