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Darra driving school your stepping stone to gain driving Knowledge

If you have plans to gather sound driving knowledge and gain accolades of being the most dependable member of your family at the wheel during long drives, START-SMART DRIVING SCHOOL is the name that can help you out with some rock-solid driving lessons. With over 12 years of experience, we have been turning our trainees into drivers with excellence quite successfully. This success and all the praises that we have gathered over the years can be attributed to the quality driving lessons in Darra that we offer for our trainees and the professionalism of our training methods.
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What makes our driving lessons and training unique?

Ever since we started our endeavour 12 years back we have always emphasised on justifying our trainees' investment in us. In other words, when you put faith in us you get the fullest return, in terms of quality of training and its effectiveness when it comes to cracking the test at the first attempt. This has made us the most trustworthy Driving School in Darra to turn to.
Indeed, we have one of the most effective training curriculums in place that would cover all the chapters related to driving – major as well as minor! We also emphasise every associated issue so much so that you get holistic training that turns you into a highly dependable and knowledgeable person at the wheel.
Our driving lessons are compact and are a seamless combination of classroom and practical sessions that help you to get accustomed to the latest traffic rules and regulations. They also cover a decent extent of technical.

issues, so that you have a formidable knowledge about the technicalities of your vehicle. This comes in handy in case of sudden snags in the middle of the journey, more so during long drives.

A curriculum that fits your routine

As a reputable Driving School in Darra we offer various training modules to choose from. They vary in terms of duration and price. However, all will conduct in-depth training and all of them are pretty cost-effective. They are flexible and will squeeze seamlessly in your daily routine so that your roles and responsibilities on the domestic and professional front are never distorted because of our training schedules.
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A curriculum that fits your routine

START-SMART DRIVING SCHOOL has always been the home of some of the most experienced and professional driving instructors. All our mentors are accredited and know the right way of approach while dealing with trainees! There is no fit-for-all approach when it comes to conducting training. Hence, our mentors will take into account the grasping power and intellect of every trainee they train and adopt a suitable training method accordingly. They are patient, cordial and warm, professional yet friendly enough in terms of approach when it comes to explaining things. This helps the trainees to be at ease with them during the training. Thus, if you enrol in our driving school in Darra, you will be able to focus on the training that will help you have a grip on driving pretty quickly. All these will come in handy during the test, helping you to crack in at one go. That's not all! There is more to know about us before you enrol.
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That's not all! There is more to know about us before you enroll. CONTACT US today to discuss with our experts!
Driving Course for Everyone
Being one of the competent driving schools in Highton, we fit the need of every learner with the following courses-
Beginner Package
Our 50 minutes beginner lesson teaches students to maneuver cars in typical road situations. The leaners will even get test-ready courses.
Single lesson
We have prepared this 50 minutes course for drivers to familiarise them with the road rules and practical environment.
Double Lesson
100-minute driving school to sharpen your driving skills.
Drive Test
Test packages offer you a one hour drive to settle you into the drivers seat, followed by your test in either a manual or automatic vehicle.
Our goal is to provide low-risk driving education to all our students whilst learning to drive on our busy roads. Our enthusiastic and passionate trainers will help to build their confidence and teach them to be proficient drivers.