Driving School Greater Geelong

Automatic/Manual Driving Lessons in Greater Geelong To Make You A Competent Driver

  • Are You Seeking Auto/Manual Driving Lessons in Greater Geelong To Become a Safe & Competent Driver?
  • Do You Need General Road Safety Guidance for Different Driving Situations- Be It Slippery Roads, Main Arterial Roads Or Busy Suburban streets?
Moreover, Do You Wish to Procure Your Driving License And Fully Master The Art Which Is Defensive Driving...?

If so, then ‘Start-Smart Driving School’ will help you achieve it.

As a notable driving school for the Greater Geelong area; we have been educating people on defensive driving techniques to make them more confident and efficient behind the steering wheels.

Our long-cherished motto has always been to make the streets of Greater Geelong Safer with more quality drivers.

What Can You Expect From Us?

  • Every Start-Smart Driving School instructor is highly qualified and experienced to give quality lessons to all aged learners.
  • All of our driving instructors serving across the Greater Geelong area possess a valid license which enables them to instruct learners in both manual and automatic vehicles.
  • Furthermore; whatever the type of lesson you enrol for - be it our (50 minute one-to-one Basic Lessons, or our in-depth double lesson (available in both automatic and manual transmission); we always uphold the highest standards.
  • To inculcate the best training; we make it a point to regularly attend seminars, properly communicate with learners (be it lauding them or pointing out their flaws) every step of the way. Plus, we also share with them smart tips and tricks to further enhance their driving skills along with how to identify and avert potential road hazards.

In Addition To This; You Can Also Expect The Following

  • Budget-friendly driving lessons to suit the need of every learner.
  • If you are a nervous driver; our instructors will teach you how to stay calm and rely on your training to gain your inner confidence.
  • All our training vehicles are well-maintained, regularly checked, fitted with dual control pedals, and SAFE for driving.
  • Keeping in mind your convenience; we offer flexible times so that you can train even after your working hours.
  • Our instructors work patiently with every student and give them ample time to digest every important aspect of responsible & safe driving.

Some Key Defensive Driving Tips To All Our Interested Learners

As your reliable driving school in Greater Geelong; we whole-heartedly believe:

“Defensive driving skills can make a big difference in keeping both you and others safe on the road...”

Encapsulating every key defensive driving rule in our detailed lessons; we teach you to be confident in changing lanes when needed during rush hours without any risk or creating any road hazards.
Here Are A Few (But Not Limited To) Defensive Driving Tips From Our Experienced Instructors
  • Respecting The Right-Of-Way Of Every Driver.
  • Never To Exceed The Stated Speed Limit.
  • Always Paying Proper Attention To The Road.
  • Maintain Proper Training Speed.
  • Making Proper Use Of Side & Rear-View Mirrors.
  • Adjusting The Acceleration When Driving On A Wet Highway Or Bad Weather.
  • The Importance Of Wearing A Seat-Belt.
  • Never To Drive When Tired/Unwell/Stressed Out.
  • Responsible use of mobile phones
Want To Up-Skill Your Driving Approach?
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