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Passing the driving test is not enough to become an expert driver. You need to learn the language of the road to drive safely and accurately. At START-SMART DRIVING SCHOOL, not only we provide you with practical and advanced driving lessons required to pass the driving test but equally focus on developing the core skills required to drive in all conditions. Equipped with these skills you can be assured that you will face no problems in driving for the rest of your life.
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At Start-Smart Driving School we believe in smart learning. We pay special attention to each student and offer high-quality driving lessons in Westlake tailored to meet their needs. Our customized tutoring and skill development procedures have earned us the reputation to become one of the best schools in Westlake you can blindly place your trust upon.

At Star-Smart Driving School you will

  • Learn unique driving techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Affordable lesson packages

Develop Your Driving Skills Today!

Become a skilled driver now by joining our driving school in Westlakewhere we provide a wide range of lessons that encompass safe practices while you are on the wheels. You can choose from any of these lessons that meet your requirements. Our lessons at Start-Smart Driving School include
  • Basic Lesson
This is a one-on-one fifty-minute lesson with our expert instructors and is suited for aspirants of all age groups. You will get a trove of information on the road safety rules and will learn advanced methods that would help you stay safe behind the wheels. Our trainer will provide you with valuable suggestions and feedback during your drive.With us, you can book your session according to your schedule.
  • Beginner Package
Learn the basics of driving by opting for our beginner package. This includes four lessons focusing on the introductory part of driving in typical conditions and requires you to complete a set of basic objectives given by the tutor. Here you will learn driving while maintaining road safety in narrow lanes, highways, and main roads.
  • Melbourne Package
Take up this package if you are an intermediate driver. Here you will learn the methods of driving safely in highways as well as in high traffic inner-city areas.This 4-hour driving session includes a coffee break in Carlton, regarded asthe coffee capital of Melbourne. By the end of this tutorial, you will be equipped with all the knowledge necessary to drive safely and efficiently through hook turns and congested roads.
  • Drive Test
In this customized test of 2 hours duration, you will learn to drive a car that is automatic or manual. This test is also suitable if you are looking to upgrade your license. With our expert instructor, you will be able to master the art of driving in no time.This special package will allow you learn at your pace and there will be no time pressure.
  • Keys2Drive Lesson
Enjoy a free 1-hour driving lesson with us by logging into the government-funded website keys2drive.com.au. Register to the website by filling in your details and you will receive a code. Just send us the code and we will take care of the rest.
  • Single Lesson
Knowing the rules of the road is crucial for a safe drive and this lesson will help you in getting familiarized with thedifferent guidelines that you need to follow while you are behind the wheels.

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If you are looking for cheap driving lessons in Westlake under the guidance of professional instructors, we can fulfill your desire. Book your slot now and start your exciting journey tomorrow.
Driving Course for Everyone
Being one of the competent driving schools in Highton, we fit the need of every learner with the following courses-
Beginner Package
Our 50 minutes beginner lesson teaches students to maneuver cars in typical road situations. The leaners will even get test-ready courses.
Single lesson
We have prepared this 50 minutes course for drivers to familiarise them with the road rules and practical environment.
Double Lesson
100-minute driving school to sharpen your driving skills.
Drive Test
Test packages offer you a one hour drive to settle you into the drivers seat, followed by your test in either a manual or automatic vehicle.
Our goal is to provide low-risk driving education to all our students whilst learning to drive on our busy roads. Our enthusiastic and passionate trainers will help to build their confidence and teach them to be proficient drivers.