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Rules Of Driving That Every Driving School Would Teach Its Trainees

Learning the art of driving from professional instructors at a renowned driving school is highly important if you want to pass the test with good grades and get your licence without facing any problems. If you want to know the reasons for learning how to drive a car from the experts then it is because they will teach you the right rules of driving. While there are many things which you will get to learn from experts of a renowned driving school in Middle Park, the most vital ones are explained below in detail.

Rules Of Driving A Vehicle Safely & Reaching Your Destination On Time

1. Silent Mobile Phones: The first thing and one of the most important rules which you will get to learn while getting your driving lesson from professionals is the importance of keeping your phone silent or away when you are behind the wheel. The use of phones while driving is also restricted in Middle Park.
2. Stop When Orange Lights Are On: If the orange traffic light is on then it is better to stop it instead of driving away. By doing so you can save yourself from facing any legal problems or meeting an accident. You will also get to learn about what orange lights indicate at the time of getting your lessons from the experts of a renowned driving school in Middle Park.
3. Do Not Drink and Drive: Drinking and driving a car is one of the biggest crimes that you should not commit. Even if you are under the influence of some kind of drugs you should avoid driving otherwise you may have to pay a heavy fine or find yourself behind bars or both.

Avoid throwing garbage, empty water bottles or anything while driving, don’t block number plates, try not to use the car horn to say goodbye to your family members or friends, drive in your lane, change the lane after giving signals, adjust the seat and car mirrors before starting the ride, etc. are some of the other rules that you will get to learn from the expert instructors of a well established driving school near me.

Start-Smart Driving School is the right destination for you if you are looking for professional instructors to teach you the best art of driving. We have been in the industry for years and have always been successful in offering quality service to learners. To book an appointment with our team you can call us at 0418 386 090 and if you need to connect with them in Brisbane you can call us at 0448 221 189/0418 324 944/0406 620 135. You can also send us an email at david@start-smart.com.au if there is anything that you need to ask us about our driving school in Middle Park.