Car Driving Tips

What Are the Important Car Driving Tips New Learners Must Follow?

Do you know that most road accidents happen due to the negligence of the drivers? Yes, you heard that right. When the drivers are not attentive or drive roughly, they do meet with an accident. Apart from this, there are many reasons too. And if you want to learn the best driving skills, then it is important for you to hire a professional instructor from a reputed driving school in Oxley.

If you are thinking that enrolling in an esteemed driving school near me for the basic lesson is a costly decision, then that is not true. You can easily enrol in the best driving course and get your training from professionals at an affordable price. The simple thing you need to do is find the best ones as per your need and requirements and within your budget. For this, you can do an online search or get some good references from your loved ones. Hiring the experts to get car driving lessons in Oxley is beneficial because, from them, you will learn the most important tips.

Essential Car Driving Tips You Will Learn From Professional Instructors


  • Stay Relax

It has been seen that many new learners start to panic when they are behind the wheel. Due to this they do make mistakes and fail to learn the best driving skills. The professional driving instructors in Oxley will not only teach you the art of driving, but they will also teach you how to stay cool and calm.

  • Wear A Seatbelt

Wearing a seat belt before starting the car is important because it saves lives. So when you will get inside the vehicle for a practical driving class, the first thing your instructor will ask you is to wear a seat belt.

  • Adjust Mirrors

The next thing the professionals will do is help you adjust the front-view mirrors, rear side view mirrors and side-view mirrors. The importance of doing so is to prevent dangerous blind spots, keep your vehicle in the right lane, maintain a safe distance from other drivers, etc. You will get many more things to learn from the instructors of your driving school in Oxley.

The other things that you will learn from the driving trainer are the best ways to avoid getting distracted, keep your focus, the danger of rash driving, things you must do during an emergency, how you should sit in the driver’s seat so that you can drive smoothly, etc.

Your search for the best driving training centre ends here because you have come to the right destination. At Start-Smart Driving School, our expert instructors will teach you the best art of driving. To book an appointment, you can call us at 0448221189 / 0418324944 / 0406620135 / 0418386090. You can also send us an email at, and one of our professionals will connect with you shortly for further discussion. As the best driving school in Oxley, we have always been successful in offering the best lessons and that too within a reasonable price.