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Driving School in Oxley -The home of Driving Excellence

START-SMART DRIVING SCHOOL, over 12 years, has turned out to be one of the most acclaimed and adored names with some high-quality driving lessons, offered by some of the most experienced and skilled driving instructors. Indeed, if you are looking forward to some consolidated driving lessons that will help you to turn up as a dependable, trustworthy, and skilled person behind the wheel, we are the driving school in Oxley you need to put money on!.
We are affordable, and we offer flexible lessons that will not only go all the way to prepare you mentally as well technically to crack the test at the first attempt but will do so at a cost-effective price. Also, the lessons we come up with will be flexible in terms of duration and time, which will help you to take them without even bothering about your daily routine or changing or compromising your busy schedule. To get a fair idea about our lesson packages refer to the PACKAGE tab on our website. And all of them come in a pretty consolidated form that covers all the aspects of driving lessons including the latest traffic rules and regulations.

Our Instructors

All our instructors are accredited and have years of experience to their credit. They are highly professional, yet warm, cordial, and friendly to address your pain areas of lessons and help you overcome them patiently. They will go out of their ways to impart a sense of confidence in you that will go a long way to excel on the day of the final test and go through it on the first attempt.
They will be more than eager to help you get accustomed to the technicalities of driving and the traffic norms, rules, and regulations. All these will come in handy for you when you get the licence. This has always been the way we have imparted driving lessons in Oxley to our trainees and this is the reason why we always have so many trainees passing the driving test on their first attempt

The Training Vehicles

Your safety and security is always our topmost priority. That is the reason we have our training vehicles at the pink of condition always. This not only ensures your safety and security but will also ensure that you are always at ease during the training session from every aspect. This will help you to concentrate on the training and have a grip on the technicalities and other aspects of driving rather quickly. In short, our men and the machines collectively set up a conducive environment that will help you to master your driving skills quickly and with authority.

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Seems to be interested already? Yes! We offer lucrative training packages that are bound to make you interested. Do not wait any longer! Just CONTACT US now for the details about our packages and how we come in handy in materialising your aspirations of being a modest bloke at the wheel!
Driving Course for Everyone
Being one of the competent driving schools in Highton, we fit the need of every learner with the following courses-
Beginner Package
Our 50 minutes beginner lesson teaches students to maneuver cars in typical road situations. The leaners will even get test-ready courses.
Single lesson
We have prepared this 50 minutes course for drivers to familiarise them with the road rules and practical environment.
Double Lesson
100-minute driving school to sharpen your driving skills.
Drive Test
Test packages offer you a one hour drive to settle you into the drivers seat, followed by your test in either a manual or automatic vehicle.
Our goal is to provide low-risk driving education to all our students whilst learning to drive on our busy roads. Our enthusiastic and passionate trainers will help to build their confidence and teach them to be proficient drivers.