Experienced in training drivers of all ages to respect others on our roads.
We care about every driver - both the ones inside and out of our cars.
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With affordable pricing across our range of lessons packages.

Driving School in Brisbane

For over 12 years, Start-Smart Driving School has been providing the people of Geelong education on the road. We carry with us the belief that we aren't instructing you on how to pass a test, but we're instructing you on how to stay safe on our roads. We also believe that every student is themselves an individual, and as such, we strive to teach each student in a way that supports them and their learning. As a highly qualified driving school in Brisbane, Start-Smart Driving School believes in safer roads and safer drivers. While it may seem an impossible goal, we believe that every driver has the potential to make the roads just a bit safer.
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Driving School

Driving Lessons

Below are the available lesson packages that Start-Smart Driving School uses on a regular basis to instruct our students on safe practices, both in and out of the city. All lesson prices are as listed below, with the most common lesson deal being the single lesson. This not only gives our instructors the perfect amount of time to teach students, but it also gives students the time to digest everything that happens in the lesson. It also acts as the perfect entry point to instructed driving making us a highly acclaimed Driving School in Brisbane.

The Best Driving Instructor

We have at our disposal some of the most qualified, bonded, and licensed driving instructors. They will use all their experience and expertise to gauge the mental state of the freshers willing to learn driving. They will gauge their intellect and their grasping power to come up with the best form driving lessons that the trainees will be at ease with. This unique feature makes us such an adored Driving School near Brisbane.

And this policy of customised driving lessons is applied in the classroom as well as the practical sessions. It is this focused and customised approach that helps our trainees crack their driving test at one go. This makes us the most adored driving school in Brisbane.

Our driving instructors are caring, compassionate and patient, besides being utterly professional. They would not only explain the technicalities of driving, but go out of the box and set examples of their own real life experience to explain the driving lessons. They would also come up with a thorough explanation of the mechanical anatomy of the car to make you a highly knowledgeable bloke at the wheel - something that will go a long way to help you become one of the most confident people at the wheel!

So what makes you look for the best driving school in Brisbane when we are around? Call us at 0418 386 090 to book an appointment with our experts, or to select the driving lesson of your choice. You can find us online by using keywords like ‘best driving school near me.’