Car Mirrors Adjustment

6 Ways to Adjust Your Car Mirrors to Stay Safe on the Road

Adjusting the car mirrors is extremely important to get a clear view of the road and the other vehicles when you are driving. So, we will discuss a few ways in which you adjust the mirrors of your car.

If you have just started learning to drive in Middle Park, this write-up will help you immensely in keeping yourself safe on the road. So, let’s delve into the points now.

1) Clean the Mirrors of Your Car

The instructors at our driving school in Middle Park recommend that you always keep the mirrors of your car clean so that you get clear visibility. So, before starting the car, check your mirrors and if you feel that they need to be cleaned, use good cleaning solutions to make them clean.

Also, make sure that all of you clean not just the rearview mirrors, but the side mirrors too.

2) Install Dimming Mirrors if Possible

Mirrors that are equipped with the auto-dimming technology is best for reducing the glares from the cars behind you. So, if possible, install these mirrors as they give you better visibility as compared to the normal mirrors.

3) Adjust the Side Mirrors Properly

To adjust the side mirrors, you will first need to sit in the drivers’ seat in a comfortable position. Now, take a look at the mirror beside you and notice if you can see all the objects properly. If you can’t, you will need to realign the mirror with your hand so that you can clearly see the reflection of all the objects.

After you have adjusted the mirror beside you, adjust the side mirror placed at the seat beside you.

4) Re-Adjust Your Car’s Mirrors before Backing Up

Before you back up, you might have to readjust the rearview mirrors. However, if you have electronic mirrors, you will get clear visibility. But in the driving lessons in Middle Park, you might learn with the normal rearview mirrors on. That way, you will get a good idea of how to adjust the mirrors before starting the car.

5) The Objects in the Mirror Might Appear Smaller

Due to the convexity, sometimes the objects in the mirror might appear to be smaller. So, you will need to be careful when driving, especially when there are cars behind you. You will need to keep a minimum distance with the cars behind you so that you can avoid collisions.

6) Locate the Mirror Adjustment Controls of Your Car

Our driving instructors in Middle Park recommend that if you have got a new car, locate the car’s mirror adjustment settings if it is present at all.

Though not all cars have this setting, it is important to find it if your car has this at all. So, if you have got a new car in which you are learning, see if this setting is available.

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