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Basic Road Safety Rules That Driving Instructors Teach

You need to stay safe while you are on the road. For this, you will need to follow the road safety rules. However, if you are a learner or planning to learn driving, the instructors will teach you the rules comprehensively. So, if you live in Geelong and want to know about some of the rules taught by the instructors, follow the points that we have discussed here.

  • Wearing the Seatbelt is Mandatory 

Before you even start driving, you should always fasten your seatbelt and this is an important rule that will be taught by your driving instructor in Geelong. The reason behind this is simple.

Seatbelts are designed to protect you from impacts that occur after a collision. But as you can easily understand that if you don’t wear them, chances are that you will face injuries or even death. So, it’s best not to take risks.

  • Use the Mirrors to Keep Track of People and Other Vehicles

You will need to keep track of all vehicles or pedestrians at all sides of the car even when it’s parked. That way you can avoid accidents, and for this, always keep your eyes on the rearview and the side mirrors.

Additionally, when driving in reverse gear, if as a beginner you do not feel confident, lean out of the window to check what’s behind your car.

  • Driving Slowly is Important

This rule applies to not just beginners but to everyone. You should always drive slowly and learn to control the speed. Moreover, the instructors teach this lesson with all the details because speeding or the inability to control the speed has led to many accidents.

Also, while driving, you will most certainly see symbols in the road mentioning the speed limit that you will need to maintain and you should maintain it, by all means, to keep yourself safe.

  • Don’t Drink and Drive

This is another basic rule that the instructors from all driving schools in Geelong teach because similar to speeding, drinking and driving has led to many accidents.

Naturally, when you drink, you lose control of your car and this can cause these accidents. So, never take any intoxicants before starting to drive.

  • Avoid Driving in the Dark if You Don’t Feel Confident

If you don’t feel confident, it’s better not to drive in the dark to avoid accidents.

When the light is low, you naturally lose visibility, and hence, you will need to be very careful. There will be headlights to help you drive but then again if you think that they aren’t enough, it’s best to schedule your journey in the daytime.

  • Always Use Indicators before Making Turns 

Any expert driving school will teach you to use the indicators before making turns because it helps you to stay protected from collisions.

This is a basic road safety rule because indicators alert the other drivers as well as the pedestrians that you will take a left or right turn, and hence they will stay out of your path.

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