Drive Safely When Its Foggy

Expert Suggestions on Ways How You Can Drive Safely When Its Foggy

During fog or rain, visibility decreases and this leads to a lot of car accidents. But as a beginner, if you are feeling anxious about driving through fog especially, you need not worry because we will be discussing a few tips to help you stay safe when the visibility is low. So, if you are in Melbourne and have completed the driving lessons or planning to take one, go through the discussion because we hope this will help you to develop an understanding of how to drive in fog.

1) Slow Driving

In almost all the driving lessons in Melbourne, you will find that your instructors will suggest you drive slowly when the visibility is low, and you should follow this because controlling your car becomes easier. Therefore, even when you are driving through fog and cannot see what’s ahead, you can quickly pull the brakes if you notice an obstacle at a short distance.

2) Use Low Beams

You might want to use high beams in the fog, but that’s a bad idea as the experts suggest. Rather, you should use the low beams because they do not reflect off the droplets of moisture in the fog. Thus, it becomes easier for you to see what’s ahead. Besides, you should also use your taillights so that the drivers behind you can spot you and can maintain a safe distance.

3) Use Fog Lights

Fog lights are indeed a lifesaver and you should always use these. They will help you to see the road clearly and hence, operating the car will become easier. Furthermore, these lights do not reflect off the moisture that is present in the fog thus making it easier for you to see what’s ahead.

4) Drive Attentively

If you are learning to drive from a driving school near Melbourne, you might have noticed why your instructors always suggest you in keeping the things off that distract you. The reason behind this is since the visibility in the fog is low you will need to give efforts to keep your car on the track. But if you are distracted, manoeuvring the car will add to the struggle and can lead to accidents.

So, it’s better not to text or take calls when you are behind the wheels and the area is foggy.

5) Maintaining Safe Distance

Keeping a safe distance from the other cars will help you to avoid accidents when you are driving through fog. For this, controlling the speed of your car becomes essential. So, even if you are in a hurry, you should not drive fast and look for other cars ahead of you and behind you. This will help you to maintain a safe distance while you are on the go.

6) Turn On Your Car’s AC

If you notice condensation on the windshield, turning on the Air Conditioning system of your car will help remove it. You should follow this procedure because it is a very effective one. In fact, in most of the driving courses in Melbourne, the instructors guide their students into using this technique to stay safe if they are to drive through fog.

Lastly, if you follow these points, be assured that the possibilities of accidents when you are driving through fog will greatly reduce.

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