Car Tyre Maintenance and Safety Tips by Seasoned Driving Instructors

Car Tyre Maintenance and Safety Tips by Seasoned Driving Instructors

You are learning to drive and progressing quite well, and that’s good. But, do you know how to take good care of your car’s tyres because keeping them in a good form is important. Otherwise, they can give you troubles during your journey.

Now, tyre punctures can happen anytime. But if your tyre is not well-maintained, they are more likely to get punctured when there is too much friction, and you don’t want that, do you?

So, if you are in Belmont and want to learn more about the ways to take care of those tyres, see what our seasoned driving instructors are saying.

1) Proper Tyre Inflation is Important

The driving instructors in our driving school in Belmont suggest that you get the pressure of your car’s tyres checked in every 2 to 4 weeks. This will help you to maintain tyre inflation. And when they are inflated according to their standards, you can expect them to last longer and your drive to be a lot safer.

2) Inspection For Damages

Now, there can be a lot of damages that your tyres take and this can lead to cracks, bulges etc. that can result in air loss and can lead to rapid deflation.

So, you should get them checked once in a while from a car mechanic or a certified tyre dealer. And the good thing is, most of these can be repaired. However, if your car tyres are worn out, they might need to be replaced.

3) Alignment of the Wheel

As a learner, you might ask, if this is important at all. And to your question, our driving instructors in Belmont will always say yes.
After prolonged rotations, car tyres do get a bit out of alignment and you need to get them aligned again by a car mechanic for a safer drive.

So, it is best if you get them checked once or twice every year.

4) Avoid Excessive Spinning Of Your Car’s Tyres

If your car is stuck on ice, snow or mud, you might be trying hard to get out by accelerating more which causes excessive spinning of the tyres, and this excessive spinning can lead to tyre damage as a lot of heat is generated.

So, in these types of situations, the only way is to apply push to the car from its front or behind and for this, you might need to contact a towing company.

5) Balancing the Wheels

Like the wheel alignment, you will need to get your tyres checked when and if you feel vibrations while driving your car as this might be an issue with the wheel balance.

So, our instructors providing the comprehensive driving lessons in Belmont suggest taking your car to a certified mechanic for the inspection to stay safe during driving.

6) Avoid DIY if You Don’t Know the Method of Mounting the Tyres Properly

Yes, that’s what our expert instructors always suggest because if you have mounted a tyre all by yourself without following the proper methods, they can explode during a drive and might lead to accidents or injuries.

So, always avoid DIY if you do not know the actual methods.

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