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Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump that Driving Lessons in Schools Will Teach You

Before we go deep into the topic in regards to signs of a bad fuel pump of your car, let us first know what a fuel pump is and what its functionalities are. The fuel pump is a component of your vehicle, which transfers the fuel from the tank through the filter to the fuel rail of the carburettor that the internal combustion engine of your vehicle contains. Besides, it also works in close coordination with the other parts of your vehicle to accomplish that responsibility of fuel delivery seamlessly.

There are two types of fuel pumps – mechanical and electrical. Regardless of the type of fuel pump that you have, when it malfunctions, it will return certain signs and symptoms, which you will have to read. Now, every quality driving school explains those signs so that you can take steps as and when those signs show up. Our driving school in Sherwood is no exception. Here on this page, let us discuss those telltale signs of a bad fuel pump.

The Car will refuse to Start

Well, your car may refuse to start for a number of issues, a bad fuel pump is one of them. In fact, the fuel pump is one of the first things that you need to check when your car does not start. The reason is pretty obvious. If the fuel pump fails to deliver the fuel to the car’s engine, the car will naturally not start.

The car will start but will sputter

You may find that your car starts, but sputters thereafter, running rough and then the motor dies and the car comes to a halt. This happens as and when the engine fails to get adequate fuel from the tank due to any malfunction in the fuel pump.

The Car stops and the engine die with heavy load

At times, you may need to test the limits of your vehicle, be it by hard driving or by hauling some extra weight. But you will find that while doing so, the power cuts off, and the engine stops and dies midway. When that happens, it might very well be a symptom of a bad fuel pump, wherein the pump is unable to keep up with the extra pressure that you put on the engine, compelling it to ask for more fuel, which the fuel pump fails to deliver.

Unintended and Inconsistent Acceleration

This is another sign of a faulty fuel pump, wherein it fails to regulate the amount of fuel it sends to the carburettor. If and when the amount of fuel cannot be regulated, it will cause the car to suddenly accelerate even without any external input due to a sudden fuel overage. This can be extremely dangerous.

That’s why while imparting driving lessons in Sherwood our instructors would tell our trainees to be particularly cautious about the fuel pump and its health.

Increase in Engine Temperature

You must keep an eye on the engine temperature, always. If you discover a sudden hike in the engine temperature, it can very well be because of a bad fuel pump. When the pump fails to deliver an adequate amount of fuel to the engine, it leaves the engine overstressed, resulting in a spike in temperature.

Thus you see, these are the signs that will tell you about a malfunctioning fuel pump. When you enroll in our school at Start-Smart Driving School, you get many in depth lessons like this, which will help you turn into a master at the wheels. So call us at 0418386090 to enroll.