Drive Safely at Night

Want to Drive Safely at Night? Start Following These Suggestions Now

Driving at night might be a bit difficult for beginners. However, it will not be that much difficult if you follow the suggestions that we are going to give you today. So, if you are in Geelong and have started taking the driving lessons or are planning to do so, follow this blog to get an idea of how to drive at night without facing many difficulties.

1) Turning On Headlights is Necessary

Now, when you are driving at night, you will naturally be turning the headlights on. But here we will specifically focus on the higher beams that you will need to turn on to achieve higher visibility. In fact, in most of the driving lessons in Geelong, the instructors provide detailed guidance on how to use the higher beams effectively.

2) Slow Driving is always Safer

If you have started learning to drive or have just completed your driving course, you should always drive slow at night since the visibility is already low. Thus, when you drive slow you will get enough time to make the necessary decisions to stay safe on the road.

3) Take Slow Turns

To stay safe on the road while driving at night, it is better to take slow turns as this is safer. At this time of the day, visibility is low and if you are not careful enough, you can collide with another car while taking turns. So, the solution is again, driving at a slower speed.

4) Clean Your Windshields

The instructors from our Geelong driving school always recommend that you clean the windshields and mirrors to achieve better visibility if you are driving at night. To do this, you can use any cleaner that works well with the glasses.

Additionally, you also need to clean your headlights to obtain a strong beam of light.

5) Turn Off the Lights Inside Your Car

If you turn the lights on the inside of the car, you will not see anything on the road. So, either you will need to dim them or turn them off totally. That way, you achieve a bit more visibility.

6) Don’t Stare at the Headlights of the Opposite Car

Our driving instructors in Geelong recommend that you look towards the front and never stare at the headlights from the opposite cars as you can get blinded and this can lead to accidents.

7) Try to Avoid using Smartphones

When driving at night, you should avoid smartphones at all costs because they can be distracting and can easily lead to accidents. Apart from using smartphones you should also avoid watching videos and this applies not just at night driving but also in general driving as well.

8) Stop Your Car When Feeling Confused

If you are feeling confused while driving at night. You should always stop and park your car at a safe spot and while doing so, you should turn on the emergency indicator lights.

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